24 December 2008

Weekend in Harrisonburg, VA with Alissa and Dylan

Two weekends ago, I drove up to Harrisonburg to see my kids. Although it was cold, we walked downtown to see the mural Alissa and the other kids in her second grade art class painted. I asked Alissa and Dylan to stand in front of the mural so I could get a picture, but they started posing themselves. In the second shot, Dylan isn't crying; he's actually mimicking the girl in the yellow dress. After getting a few shots of the mural, Alissa guided us on the same tour her art teacher had given her of the other murals in downtown Harrisonburg. She had stories to go along with all of the other murals. I wish I had taken shots of all of them, but I didn't think of it at the time.

In addition of the pics of the kids and the mural, I took a few other shots of random stuff around town. If anyone out there reading the blog wants to download one or all of them to print out, that's fine. I normally ask that folks don't download any of the shots on this blog without my permission (although, honestly, there's no way for me to know if someone does, and I don't really care very much), but today the shots below are a gift.

Since I haven't posted in a while, I'm going to throw in some Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Here's Will performing Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" last month after Obama quoted the song in his election night speech. I suppose I'm late getting to it, but it's good; and it kind of goes along with the photo of the Obama painting below. Enjoy, and happy holidays.

perhaps an odd image to include after obama, but i took it moments after taking the obama shot, and it does reflect a bit of the mixed emotional realities we're living in.
the american sublime
alissa liked this one because of the scratch-out of the man smoking a cigarette on the horse's butt.

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Tema said...

I thought of you last week because there is a story about Will Oldham in a recent New Yorker ... perhaps you have read it already.

Happy new year!