14 January 2009

If you save what you own, you are always alone

Vaughn-Bassett, Galax, VA
Iron Mountain Creek, Fries, VA

I've been feeling more out of sorts than usual lately, which is part of why I haven't posted any photos in a while. In any case, I plan to move to Pulaski soon to go back to teaching at RU, and I hope to resume regular posting, perhaps a photo a day, minus the pointless rambling.

Tema pointed me to this article on Will Oldham in The New York Times, and I also came across this interview with Oldham on New York's WNYC. In addition to discussing his forthcoming album Beware (March 17th), Oldham plays a stripped down version of one of the songs from the album and an excellent rendition of "The Brute Choir," from the Palace Music release Viva Last Blues.

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