16 December 2008

Fight the coming apocalypse by buying great art

Laura Levine, Red-Winged Blackbird@20X200
Idaho Springs, Colorado, James Justin Reed@20X200
Hank Williams' Bed, Georgiana, Alabama, Scott Eiden@20X200
Palm Aire, Tema Stauffer@20X200

Over the last few weeks, I've had a hard time finding enough money to buy food or pay my rent/electric bill, so Christmas gifts have been low on my list of concerns. If I somehow manage to scrape together a few extra dollars, though, I plan to take advantage one or two of the great offers on original art floating around the web this holiday season.

I've bought a couple of prints from Jen Bekman's 20 X 200 in the past, and I've been really happy with the quality. Over the last few weeks, 20X200 has rolled out a cornucopia of beautiful artwork, from Laura Levine's whimsical bird paintings to Scott Eiden's photo of Hank Williams' childhood bed in Georgiana, Alabama. There's also plenty of great stuff in the archives, including a couple of wonderful shots by a photographer who initially drew my interest to 20X200 and has since become a good friend, Tema Stauffer.

Another photographer I've intended to mention on this blog for some time is Christopher Wilson. I wrote to him a couple of years ago after seeing his photo inserts in the Band of Horses CD Everything, All the Time, and he was kind enough to send a lengthy response. In any case, he's a wonderful photographer (see for yourself), and he's currently offering 10X10 or 8.5X11 prints of ANY photo on his site for $30. If you or anyone you know loves art, head on over to 20X200 or Christopher Wilson's site and get them something unique and memorable.
from In the Shadow of the City, Christopher Wilson
from It Seemed Like A Good Idea, Christopher Wilson

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