13 June 2008

Summer is finally sinking in, the fat men are washing their Camaros

Hooptie Rides, Blacksburg, VA
Save-A-Lot Foods, Christiansburg, VA

Some things I've been enjoying:

The Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography
The Colorful Apocalypse: Journeys in Outsider Art, Greg Bottoms
A Night of Serious Drinking, Rene Daumal
Independence Day, Richard Ford
Feast of Love, Charles Baxter
Ft. Wayne is Seventh on Hitler's List: Indiana Stories, Michael Martone

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Lie Down in the Light (His weakest album, I think, very polished production and many corny, new-agey lyrics. Still, it has its moments)
Simon Joyner, The Cowardly Traveler Pays His Toll & Beatiful Losers (I just discovered Joyner...good stuff)
East River Pipe, California

I haven't watched much recently...I did see The Guatemalan Handshake, which I enjoyed. I'm Not There was better than I expected. I also watched several of the short films of Kenneth Anger, which seem to be one of David Lynch's sources of inspiration, particularly his ironic use of pop music in rather dark scenes. In fact, the scene at the beginning of Blue Velvet, with the camera exploring the folds of a piece of blue velvet while the song plays in the background, is pretty much lifted directly from Anger's "Scorpio Rising." Blue Velvet is still one of my favorite films, though. Everyone draws inspiration/ideas from somewhere, and Blue Velvet is a more developed film than anything I've watched by Anger.

If anyone out there has suggestions for good reading/listening/viewing material, let me know.


Karen said...

I like the angle of the flags and the humor in the car. Both made me smile. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Docked in the tall grass
the dream boat no more shall sail;
four dollar gas!


Big blue summer skies
as we ride in the "Dream Boat"
the car engine revs


Powerlines fading
above me in the Dream Boat
Oh crap! Out of gas.


Watching the still dream
motionless and peaceful light
'less you're caught speeding.