20 June 2008

It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive

The Newest Member of the 600 Club, Christiansburg, VA

I pass this cardboard Griffey every morning on my way to work. The juxtaposition of the smiling Griffey with the cheesy landscape print, the Camel clock, and the Booty poster strikes me as funny. The building was formerly a used furniture/random junk shop, but it's now Widowmaker's Tattoo, which adds another element of humor to the scene.

I'm not really into baseball, but I'm planning on going to watch the Pulaski Mariners (Seattle's farm team) play the Elizabethton Twins this evening. Calfee Park, where the P Mariners play, is the 8th oldest minor league stadium in existence. Pulaski and Elizabethton are both 3-0 and lead their respective divisions, so it should be a competitive game. I'm going to bring my camera along, and I hope to get some decent shots. Despite my lack of interest in baseball, it should be fun.

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Kris said...

Nice post! Did you have fun?