08 June 2008

One must imagine Sisyphus happy

Lion's Club Flea-Market, Dublin, VA

River Guard
(one of my favorite Bill Callahan songs. There a couple of good performances of the song on youtube, but I wanted to focus on the words. The photos, by the way, don't really fit the song or my current mood at all. I've been working hard all day, out in the heat, thinking about how to imagine Sisyphus happy and wondering what Camus means by happy.)

When I take the prisoners swimming
they have the times of their lives
I love to watch them floating

on their backs
unburdened and relaxed

I sit in the tall grass and look the other way
and when I haul them in they always say
Our sentences will not be served

We are constantly on trial
It's a way to be free

Most nights I go for a drive
to the highest place I can find
Stand on a cliff with gooseflesh
watching the wind rip the leaves off the trees

Death defying
every breath
death defying

Soon we all be back in the yard
behind the wall
living hard
dreaming of cool rivers and tall grass

We are constantly on trial
it's a way to be free

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lubrication indeed! That's how ol' Sisyphus stays happy--slapping some WD40 on that rock of his.

I'm going to be using some of your photos today in the Gov. School class for a haiku writing exercise. I'll let you know how it goes.