18 March 2008

we've been raised on replicas of fake and winding roads

A-Z Flea Market, Pulaski, VA

I took this shot at the A-Z this past Friday night. There's a stage at the front of the store, and every Friday and Saturday night a couple of bands come in and play old time gospel music. Couches and chairs with 20-40 dollar price tags dangling from their arms provide the seating, and you can buy a hot dog and a large slice of made from scratch cake for less than 2 dollars. On Friday, a lady playing an out-of-tune piano was the highlight. She played a kind of rollicking, honky-tonk style akin to Jerry Lee Lewis playing a ballad or Earl Balls' playing on The Byrds' Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Great stuff. If you're ever in Pulaski on a Friday night, it's worth checking out.

video for the Flying Burrito Brothers (the band Gram Parsons fronted before joining The Byrds on Sweethearts of the Rodeo)"Sin City." Parsons died in a hotel room at the Joshua Tree National Monument in 1973 at the age of 26, apparently of a drug overdose. If you haven't heard the story of his death and the odd events that followed, you should read this.

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