17 March 2008

I want to take a ride on the back of a sunbird, up into the highest number

Bramwell Visitor's Center Boxcar, Bramwell, WV

--a few poems by Richard Brautigan

Loading Mercury With a Pitchfork

Loading mercury with a pitchfork
your truck is almost full. The neighbors
take a certain pride in you. They
stand around watching.

It's Time to Train Yourself

It’s time to train yourself
to sleep alone again
and it’s so fucking hard.

For Fear You Will Be Alone

For fear you will be alone
you do so many things
that aren’t you at all

The Curve of Forgotten Things

Things slowly curve out of sight
Until they are gone. Afterwards
Only the curve


Im haunted a little this evening by feelings that have no vocabulary and events that should be explained in dimensions of lint rather than words.

Ive been examining half-scraps of my childhood. They are pieces of distant life that have no form or meaning. They are things that just happened like lint.

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