20 February 2008

You know some people have no choice, they can never find a voice to talk with that they can even call their own

Marilyn Poster, former B+O Furniture, Hinton, WV

Poverty of Mirrors
--Sherman Alexie

You wake these mornings alone and nothing
can be forgiven; you drink the last
swallow of warm beer from the can
beside the bed, tell the stranger sleeping
on the floor to go home. It's too easy

to be no one with nothing to do, only
slightly worried about the light bill
more concerned with how dark day gets.

You walk alone on moist pavement wondering
what color rain is in the country.
Does the world out there revolve around rooms
without doors or windows? Centering the mirror
you found in the trash, walls seem closer
and you can never find the right way

out, so you open the fridge again
for a beer, find only rancid milk and drink it
whole. This all tastes too familiar.

Lou Reed & John Cale "Berlin" 1972

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