23 October 2007

A strange form of life, kicking through windows, rolling on yards...

I took this photo at my mom's over the weekend. As I pulled into her driveway, I looked up the hill was struck by the dark, almost biblical clouds against the red leaves and the modest house. I was listening to Bonnie "Prince" Billy's
"Strange Form of Life" (from The Letting Go) at the time, and I'm not sure I would have been moved the scene as much if I hadn't of been listening to that song--the song and view coalesced into a greater overall experience. On the surface, The Letting Go is Oldham's most mainstream and accessible album. Oldham and Dawn McCarthy's vocals float peacefully over a bed of strings and the overall theme of the album seems to be opening up to the possiblity of love. Nevertheless, the lyrics reveal something unsettling just below the surface. Here's a video of Oldham performing "Strange Form of Life" on the Conan O'Brien Show. As usual, brilliant stuff.

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