25 October 2007

my heart is charged now, it's dancing in my chest...

In the last post, I didn't get around to mentioning that--inspired by Greene's George Washington--I drove down to Winston on Saturday to take photos. I spent most of the day driving around, but I didn't get many photos, so I stayed at mom's another night and took some photos while driving through Mt. Airy, NC and Cana, VA on my way home. The first photo in today's post is the Rose Motel, in Jonesville, NC. The second is a mural on the wall of Trish's Restaurant in Booneville, NC, named for frontiersman Daniel Boone, who spent many hours exploring the banks of the Yadkin River. I took the third shot outside of Hillsville, VA, and the last is from Cana, VA.

I've been thinking about adding a youtube video to each of my posts--to show my mood or what I'm currently listening to, or whatever. I piddled around a bit on there today and found this Scout Niblett/Will Oldham video. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Oldham's music, but I really like the way Oldham and Niblett sound together on this song. Also, the video is a good fit with Halloween approaching.

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Tema said...

This song/video is amazing. I just watched it four times and I think I'll watch it again. Thank you for making my night!