16 September 2007

The owls have been talking to me, but I'm sworn to secrecy...

--More pics from Pulaski. I took most of these a few weeks ago, but didn't post them. I posted a few more earlier today; keep scrolling down if you're interested. Also, a few Basho poems:


At a hermitage:

A cool fall night--
getting dinner, we peeled
eggplants, cucumbers.


Autumn moonlight--
a worm digs silently
into the chestnut.


The morning glory also
turns out
not to be my friend.


the cicada's cry
drills into the rocks.


Anonymous said...

Mark - the pics are great. I really love the germ x one. And the look on Josh's face is a classic Josh look! I also really enjoyed reading your Basho posting. I love Basho. I taught his poetry for two years in English 10. Hope your well. - Kris

Karen said...

I really like the tension that the angle of these photos create. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but, from you, I'm inclined to believe that it was. Well done.

Josh Harrod said...

I'd like to ride the power lines in the first picture like a zipline. I knew it was a great shot when you took it, but I didn't count on the clouds.

The second shot follows the first very nicely. The red tinsel captures the patriotic fireworks-like display there at the indoor Pulaski flea market. Red tinsel, but alas, no yellow chair.

The germ-X shot is fantastic, too. Some sort of new sacrament is at work.