19 September 2007

I'm thankful for my country home, it gives me peace of mind. It's somewhere I can walk alone, and leave myself behind.

The photos above were taken behind my trailer in Ellett Valley. For the last few years, I've lived in towns--first Blacksburg, then Radford--but I'm happy to be back in the (relatively) country. When I lived in Radford, I would sometimes lie on my balcony and pretend that the drone of traffic below me was a waterfall or a rushing stream, but the illusion wouldn't hold. The smell of exhaust or low thump of someone's stereo invariably pulled me from my little exercise in poetic transformation. In any case, I no longer have to worry about transforming my surroundings (at least not while I'm at home). There's a creek a few hundred feet behind my place, and a mountain just beyond that. I like it. I like spending my evenings watching the shadow cast by the sun inch over my yard and climb the mountain in the 4th photo.

I took these photos on Monday. I had my camera set on 1600 ISO because I had been doing some stuff in low light the night before, so the colors are bit too punchy, oversaturated. Still, the shots give some of you (friends/family) who haven't visited an idea what my new place is like. The 3 photos below are from McCaffee's Knob, which is a 30 minute drive and 45 minute hike from my new place. I took them about a month ago.

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Anonymous said...

The first photo with the stream flowing is amazing. You can tell that it was moving pretty fast but the way you portrayed it; it is almost as it was stream was so calm.