05 July 2007

a lonely man can't make a move/ if he can't even bring himself to choose/ between a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes

The above photos are from a trip I took with Karen (see 95% of comments) down to Roanoke. We had planned on taking photos together about a week before, but when the moment came to decide where to go, I spent about an hour just driving aimlessly around trying to decide on Floyd, Pulaski, Roanoke, or somewhere else. It's a problem I routinely face. Today, for instance, I couldn't decide between a Subway sub or Chinese food for dinner--each has its merits and its drawbacks. I went with a sub, but I often end up just eating peanut butter to forgo making such a taxing decision.

In any case, on the day of the Roanoke trip, Karen refused to make the decision for me, and we somehow ended up on Rt. 460 heading through Shawsville. The first photo is Karen in front of an odd tent/church in Shawsville, and the other shots basically follow our trip chronologically. Since Karen posted a photo of me engaged in a "weird squat thing" on her blog, I thought I'd start today's post with a photo of Karen. I'll concede that it's not as weird; it's rather good actually.

I don't have much to say about the other photos. The opportunity to take a photo of the girl/guy/dog arose when I was changing out of a holey tie-dyed shirt in Roanoke's Market Square. Just as I was slipping the tie-dye over my shoulders, I heard the girl yell, "Don't change who you are for the tourists, man. Be proud of the tie-dye. We're hippies too, man." Or something to that effect. We didn't talk long, but they were a nice couple. I suppose I'll also add that I wouldn't normally take photos of 15-16 year olds making out, but the kids up at the Star/Mill Mountain were lost in the rush of lights/adolescent chemicals, and they were blocking the view.

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Karen said...

I really am a bit bitter about this set of photos. I haven't taken much that I really like since I've gotten my new camera. I don't know if it's just that I'm in different locations than I'm used to or if I'm really seeing the world that differently through the new lens, but I'm coming up with a lot of mediocrity. Here you are with the audacity to post some really wonderful stuff and it leaves me feeling bitter. Damn you, Mark Burnette!