18 May 2007

They say we're lazy men, drinking our white wine, we could go right insane, 'cause we can buy the time

While we were in Memphis, my friend David and I walked out to Sun Studios. It was kind of anti-climactic, but somewhat cool to think of all the music that came out of Sun that's not only important to me personally but also exerted a huge cultural influence. Elvis is still the king in Memphis, but my favorite Sun musician is probably The Silver Fox, Charlie Rich. Behind Closed Doors is a great album. The two buildings following the Sun photo are from West, TX. The car was in a neighborhood in Austin, the six was just down the road from Sun Studios in Memphis, and the last photo is from Gadsden, AL. Once again I didn't have any program to correct the contrast in the photos, so they're all slightly overexposed, I think--mainly the sky in the second/third shots.

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