24 May 2007

Look in here...here comes the poetry! "I'm a cave with the wind inside" "I'm a shell with the sound of the surf inside"

I don't have much to say about today's photos. They are a wierd mix. I can't remember where they were taken, except for the last one--the little homage to Christenberry--taken outside Marion, VA. I kind of like the OPTICA sign for the same reason I like the Pure sign--they both bring up a lot of associations; Pure with the South and essentialism of various forms, OPTICA with seeing/photography/constructing meaning. I like it against the blank sky. The flowers kind of go along with the OPTICA sign. They both strike me as detached/floating signifiers, very "postmodern." I think other stuff was floating through my head when I took the photos, mainly that it was very hot and I was sweating a lot.

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