26 March 2007

There's a life worth living and it's interesting, there's a calm that's real somewhere

Over the weekend, I went down to Elkin, NC to visit my mom and sister. The shots I've posted are a few that I was somewhat happy with. I rode my bike around town looking for interesting things, and I think I found a few: the way the hyper blue curb of the carwash held the yellow and pink flowers caught my eye, as did the stream of light pouring through the empty blue building. I took the photo of the piano in the former Roxy's building, an old roadside bar that burned down in the 80's. The roof had collapsed over most of the building; only the corner with the piano was still standing. Again, I somehow screwed up the focus, probably because I was excited about finding the piano and wierd, outer space backdrop. The bar played mostly southern rock/country acts, but while typing this I'm imagining myself playing an overly serious banjo/steel guitar version of David Bowie's "Life on Mars." Some of his lyrics are so terrible they're good: i.e.-"sailors fighting on the dance floor, oh man look at those cave men go, it's the freakiest show, is there life on Mars?"

I'm going back down to shoot the piano within the next couple of weeks, and I plan to repost it. Also, I posted twice today, so there are some portraits below.

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Karen said...

I love the mental images I got while reading these past two blog entries. First, I had the image of a guy thinking about kicking your ass (as someone who is apparently like an over aggressive chicken, pecking on the weaker chickens, you can imagine how that amused me) and then the image of you doing a very serious banjo solo...while covering a David Bowie song.

As far as your photos are concerned, I enjoyed the excessively bright blue of the car wash, particularly in contrast to the orange traffic cone. Crayola makes a color that I'm fond of called "Neon Carrot". The traffic cone brought that color to mind. My favorite photo in this last set was the one of the bicycle, but I'm not sure why. I hate not knowing why.