15 March 2007

the only thing i knew how to do was keep on flying, like a bird that flew, tangled up in blue

Above are some shots I took around Mt. Airy, NC over the last few days. I went down with my friend, Josh Harrod, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was an all around good trip. We met quite a few interesting people, heard some great stories, ate delicious pork chop sandwiches at Snappy Lunch, took a few decent photos, and found some cheap albums (the find of the day may have been Josh's--The Copulating Blues,a compilation of old blues songs with titles like "New Rubbin on the Darned Old Thing," "Yas, Yas, Yas," "Press my Button, Ring My Bell," and "Sissy Man Blues").

I didn't realize I was taking so many shots of sky blue (Carolina blue) things until I loaded the photos on the computer. The blue really pops, which I like, but I don't think I have the white balance set correctly on the camera, and I'm having some trouble messing with it on the computer. Help me Bob, I really am tangled up in blue.

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Anonymous said...

The pool pictures rock and you get bonus cool points for talking to Bob Dylan as if he is your close, personal friend.