11 March 2007

inside the golden days of missing you

Above are a few photos I took Friday on my way down to Roanoke, VA. This is probably all I'll post until later in the week. I'm going out of town--I hope to have some new photos from the trip.

Also, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. My comments are pointless, so---. Another thing I'm not settled on is the title; the first two I've had--Conditions Uncertain, and Likely To Go and Southside of the World are both lines from Will Oldham songs that I like, but they aren't really connected to photography. I've been thinking of changing the title to something with the word "flaneur." Flaneur is basically the French word for someone who strolled the streets in early 20th century Paris, leaning and loafing and observing the shops around the arcades, decoding the heiroglyphics of the markets and back-alleys.