07 March 2010

We are around near the railroad tracks, checking out the thunderings

Boxcar, Pulaski, VA

After a long hiatus from taking photos, I walked around Pulaski today with my D50. It was hard to shake the scales from my eyes, I guess...I didn't get many good shots, but I was plenty happy just to soak in the sun and warmth. Tomorrow--Bluefield, WV. Hope the weather holds.

Since my last post, I've added links to my inspirations list. Tom Pallante, Jim Knipe, Bill Ratcliffe, and Melissa Stallard have all taught photography at Radford University at one point or another, and--more importantly--they're all wonderful photographers. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

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Anonymous said...

Great shot of the old wood raailroad car. Do you have more views? Aubrey in Lynchburg