26 April 2009

Weekend in Photos--April 25th, 26th

Saturday, 9 AM--11:30 AM--Alissa and Dylan's Soccer Games

I got up at 6 or so Saturday morning and drove to Harrisonburg to spend Saturday with my kids. They both had soccer games in the morning--Alissa's at 9 o'clock and Dylan's at 10 o'clock.

12:30-3:00-Fun Day at Stone Spring Elementary School

After the game, we went to Alissa and Dylan's elementary school for fun day. I couldn't get many photos because I was busy trying to keep up with the kids as they ran from one game to another. I did get a couple shots when they were on the "moonwalk." In the bottom photo Alissa is posing beside an award winning drawing she did for an art competition.

3:30-6:30 Wandering Around Downtown Harrisonburg

After fun day, the kids went back home so Dylan could take a nap and Alissa could get ready for her dance recital later in the evening. In the break, I maundered around downtown Harrisonburg snapping photos of whatever caught my eye. I took about 75 shots, so I'm limiting my posting to some that are perhaps (or perhaps not) better than the others.

I took a few photos at Alissa's dance recital, but none of them turned out well at all. There really wasn't enough light, and I was too far away from the stage. I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get a few good shots of Alissa, but her dance was great.

I started driving home Saturday night, but felt kind of exhausted so I decided to look for a cheap hotel.

I hit the Interstate again this morning. Around Natural Bridge, I got off of I-81 and took Route 11 through Buchanan, where they were staging this Civil War reenactment.

Sunday 10-1

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The Fraze said...

Man, I'm in love with this blog. I grew up in Pearisburg, VA and this blog feels like a strange, surreal trip back in time...

Thank you!