10 March 2009

sleep on your back, put ash in your shoes, and always use the old sense of the words

Jake, Pulaski, VA

I met Jake on an old railroad trestle in Pulaski. I was photographing the rust-covered supports and Peak Creek behind, trying to do something with the rust and the golden evening sunlight, but I wasn't really getting anything I was happy with. Just as I was about to leave, Jake came walking up the abandoned rails holding his skateboard in one hand and a Mt. Dew in the other. He looked like a nice enough guy, so I struck up a conversation with him and asked if I could take his photo in front of the creek. He said yes, and I took this photo and a few others. In general I don't feel like I handle portraits very well, but I'm happy with this one. I like eagle on the front of Jake's shirt, and the way his hair matches the golden brown of the sunlight hitting the trees in the background.

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