05 February 2009

It's a doggy, dog world

Both Photos, Pulaski, VA

I also met a few of the 4-legged residents of Pulaski during Sunday's walk. The bottom dog followed me around a half-mile or so, but every time I tried to approach him to read the tag, he shyly backed away.

Some Dog Songs
Nina Nastasia "It's A Dog's Life," Dylan "If Dogs Run Free," Sonic Youth "I Want To Be Your Dog," Paul Simon "Rene and George Magritte With Their Dog After The War," Ween "Fluffy," Hank Williams "Move It On Over," Neil Young "Old King"," Snoop Dogg "Who Am I? (What's My Name?)"

1 comment:

Tema said...

I miss my dog. I can't wait until something in my life shifts and makes room for a new one. I barely made it back from Austin without a pit puppy but it just can't happen right now. I love seeing pictures like this in the meantime.