09 November 2008

Team Burnette

Last weekend, I drove to Harrisonburg, VA to watch my son, Dylan, play his last soccer game of the season. Alissa read Dumbo and rolled on the hillside near the field while Dylan scored goal after goal. He's really good, the Beckham or Pele of the Harrisonburg 5 and under league. The game was fun to watch. I have no idea who won, and I don't think the kids did either, which is good.

After the game, I took Alissa and Dylan out for lunch and we went walking at the JMU arboretum. In contrast to today, the weather was beautiful, sunny and mid-70's. We fed the ducks and walked around a trail Alissa called the maze. After walking the maze, I put the camera away and we played Simon Says, climbed some boulders near the edge of the woods, and talked about Obama. The kids may be more enthusiastic about Obama than myself, which is promising. I think it's good for kids to have some interest in the political process at a young age, just as it's good for adults to have some interest in climbing rocks, feeding ducks, and playing silly games.

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this blog! I love the pictures and I love what you wrote. Hope you're well! We miss ya, Kris