30 August 2008

What is this road here, where have I come?

I had planned to write a little essay about the flea-market, but I don't have the time or focus (teaching high-school for the first time is proving more demanding than I anticipated). In any case, the highlight of the flea-market for me may have came yesterday, when I bought a mule face jug (not technically a face jug, I suppose, since it's a mule) that reminded me of Warren Oates and the Will Oldham song "No More Workhorse Blues." I passed by the jug once without buying it, but the odd mixture of pathos and silliness in the mule's eyes pulled me back.

Warren Oates in Two-Lane Blacktop

Bonnie "Prince" Billy "No More Workhorse Blues"

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Suzz said...

Hey, I want to see your jug. Hope the new place is treating you well :).