23 August 2008

I could tell you about the river, or we could just get in

Carl and Debbie's, Hillsville, VA

I haven't posted lately because I started a new job in a new town (Hillsville, VA), and I've been busy with everything that goes along with that. I've taken a few opportunities to go out and shoot photos (one of the few outlets that helps keep me sane), but I haven't had much expendable time or access to computers. I took the job on very short notice, so--as of right now--my furniture is in storage and I'm staying in the upstairs of a friend's house. Fortunately for me, the folks I'm staying with are super kind and generous, and their place is beautiful--a meadow behind the house, a pond underneath the hill, etc. The photo above is of their neighbor's pond. I stopped and took it on my way to work a couple of days ago. The Hillsville Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market is coming up next week, and I plan on taking a break from work and photographing it for a second year. I wasn't overly happy with the shots I got last year, but I'm enthusiastic about shooting it again. I'll try to post some of those photos next weekend.

Once I get moved into my own place, semi-regular posting will presume.

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Tema said...

Glad you are back ... and look forward to more when you are settled. Sending some prints this week.