01 May 2008

Little boy lost, he takes himself so seriously

Jefferson South Plant, Pulaski, VA

The above shots are polaroids of the Jefferson South Plant in Pulaski, VA. I have no idea what sort of work goes on there; the buildings are kind of Kafka-esque in their impenetrability from the outside. The bricked in windows and such is part of what I find fascinating about the place. I bought a couple packs of polaroid film from Walgreen's a week or so ago as a little treat for myself. Polaroid went out of business a few weeks ago, so unless some other company buys the rights and starts producing the film, it will eventually disappear. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that another company will step in. I love shooting polaroids, so much that if I had $3,000 or so to spare and a cool, dry place to store that much film, I'd willingly spend that amount to stock up.

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Karen said...

I always love your polaroid shots. When I read about the company going under, it made me a bit sad because of you.