14 April 2008

beast and bird they called me kin, bathed me and they tucked me in

Dragon's Tooth, Appalachian Trail, VA
McCaffee's Knob, Appalachian Trail, VA
McCaffee's Knob
Yadkin River near Rockville, NC
Rabbit Tracks, Ellett Valley, VA

I came across this site during a few minutes of down time while at work last week. Once I started converting photos, I had a hard time stopping. Some of the shots I've taken while hiking but didn't like because of flat, punchy skies or whatever other issues suddenly looked better. In fact, nearly all of my nature shots (mostly photos I've taken while hiking) look better in this albumen print look, and there isn't much of a process involved. Of course, I can't read the Japanese, so I have no idea what I may be agreeing to every time I convert a photo. Unless you can decipher the Japanese, I suppose it's risky.

Nevertheless, I'm thinking about using the process on some of my Pulaski photos... printing them out on watercolor or rag paper, then gluing the prints to found slabs of wood. The slightly blurred, scratchy aeshetic suits the disintegration of Pulaski well. For comparison's sake, here are the original, color versions of the photos above.

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