23 March 2008

Up through bright blue blocks of sky

Alissa and Dylan by the creek behind my house
Dylan making one of his mean faces
Alissa displaying the creek water on her fingers for the camera
Dylan making another little boy face
Alissa looking pensive, perhaps a little shy, certainly beautiful
Dylan, angry because I asked him to pose for a photo when he wanted to be digging up rocks and throwing them into the creek
Alissa crouching in front of some ripples
Dylan's face concealed by a big rock he's getting ready to hurl into the creek
Alissa studying her ballerina shadow and Dylan closing his eyes after asking me (again) to put away the camera

KEIRA, MARCH 9, 2008

Keira chillin on the couch with Emmy
Keira's nails (she painted them the day before using her grandma's brightest nail polish)

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