06 March 2008

If you're not the missing lug nut, well who are you?

VW window visors, Pulaski, VA

Os Mutantes "Panis Et Circenses" on tv in 1969

Rabbit of Lil
--Will Oldham

I drew you
from a pile of rabbits
your face framed in
rotting rabbits
like a saintly giant
buried to her neck
in the earth

you had freckles
and a wide face
light hair
and mottled hills
were crumbled in the sun
behind you

you looked
terribly innocent
so much
that i wanted
to eliminate you
from everyone’s memory

little little thing
made by the same
hands as me

(poem from OctopusMagazine)

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Maerduin said...

I found your blog when I was doing a Will Oldham lyrics search. Your photos are impeccable, sad, great.