22 February 2008

Marcus heard on the radio that a movie star was dying. He turned the tuner way down low, so Hortense could go on sleeping.

Colonial Theatre, Bluefield,WV

I wanted to post a few ee cummings poems today, but blogger aligns everything on the left, and I didn't want to mess up cummings' typography. So, if you feel like reading some cummings--which i highly recommend--go here. I wanted to post "Buffaloe Bill's defunct," "it may not always be so; and i say," "my girl's tall with hard long eyes," "my mind is," and "since feeling is first," but most everything is good.

If anyone can tell me how to keep blogger from left-justifying everything, it would be much appreciated.

Phil Ochs singing "Joe Hill"...i couldn't find a video for "Jim Dean of Indiana."

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