13 February 2008

It's Valentine's day, and I'm catatonic

Plastic Flowers in Thrift Store Window, Bluefield, West Virginia

Well, not quite catatonic...but I have had a nasty case of the flu for several days. I started getting sick Friday night, and I've been through various stages since then: first bone shattering sneezes and a fever, then coughing and congestion, and now congestion and a sinus infection. For the last couple days, I've also had an odd ringing in my ears, something like lying down beneath a railroad bed or a freeway, a sort of dull roar followed by the high-pitched sqeaul of metal on metal.

When I started typing a few minutes ago, I planned a longer post--something about how I drove to Princeton and Bluefield, WV last Saturday and took some photos despite a fever, cold chills, etc. Now that I'm typing, though, I'm finding that I don't really have any desire to set my muddled thoughts in order. Maybe more later.

In any case, here's a video someone made to go along with Palace Music's "Valentine's Day," the song I borrowed today's post title from.

Valentine's Day


Karen said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope relief is swift. I'm impressed that you drove all the way out to West Virginia while ill to take photos, though. I found photography to be the last thing on my mind during my recent bout of sickness. I've been really excited by the past three photos and I eagerly anticipate seeing more from West Virginia.

Tema said...

Feel better ... I am just coming out of that myself.

Your v-day flowers are great.