28 February 2008

freedom hangs like heaven over everyone

Red Fence, Dublin, VA

I just stumbled across Brian Harnetty's berea collections project: 24 images paired with sound recordings (laughter, banjo tunings, singing, radio spots, etc.) from berea college's appalachian folk music archives. It's well worth checking out. Harnetty's cd American Winter also sounds interesting; here are the liner notes:

In 2005, Brian Harnetty became one of the first Appalachian Music Fellows trained by the Berea College Appalachian Music Fellowship Program to gain access to the college's enormous archives. AMERICAN WINTER is a painstakingly compiled collage of overlapping samples augmented by modern instrumentation and post-modern aesthetics. The listening experience is elegiac, beautiful, and utterly unique; with a completely original mix of sounds as old as the hills, undiscovered shards of Americana, and meditative modern drones and shimmers. Perfect for fans of adventurous folk music, serious experimentalism, and aural pastiche.

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Karen said...

The photos you have posted in my absence are amazing. I love them. I tried calling you a couple of nights after you called me. I hope all is well.