31 January 2008

Werner he whispered to me, marriage is bliss, it's something i've skirted around, but I don't plan to miss

Lyrics to "Werner's Last Blues to Blokbuster" from Palace Songs' Hope

In the old town
when I last came around
things were not so obvious
she was not parading as she had.

Werner, he whispered to me,
"Marriage is bliss,
It's something I've skirted around
But that I don't plan to miss."

O Blokbuster
O Blok
Waiting to know
Waiting to see
Waiting to go
I was waiting for thee

But stuck in a corner
She was seen stumbling over there--
"I washed my hands of him
But he thought I was washing my hair."
Unrecognizably red
I slipped through the seam;
Out on the street there was no time
To pause or look back.

O Blokbuster
O Blok
Was waiting to know
Waiting to see
Waiting to go
Waiting for thee

It's better to be
So far off from thee
Where I recall you pleasantly
Where I can feel free.
Now I wander aimlessly
No light on in the hall
No friendly step a-steering me
No guiding hand at all.

trailer for Werner Herzog's Stroszek

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