09 January 2008

One drink, just one more, and then another

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josh and i made another trip to pulaski the other day to take photos and scavenge the thrift stores, but we were both hungry so before roaming around we stopped off at the ez way to get a snack/drink from the vending machines (check out the zinger photos on josh's blog). my dad gave me a washing machine yesterday (i think i pulled a muscle in my back lugging it inside my trailer home), otherwise i would consider driving 30 minutes to do my laundry at the ez way. it's my kind of laundromat--clean, quiet, usually empty, classic country spilling from invisible speakers, and a separate vending machine/video game room with retro table/chairs and a lethal weapon ("how about it, jack, would you like a shot at the title?")
pinball machine.

the whole place has a very 70's vibe to it, so it wasn't a huge surprise that the vending machines carried the elusive hostess golden cupcakes. as anyone who frequents laundromat vending machines knows, hostess cupcakes are a classic, and the golden cupcakes are a rare find. in fact, they aren't golden--more of a mustard orange/yellow that, to me at least, is quintessentially 70's--the washed out color you might see on a 1972 dodge dart swinger in a stephen shore photo. despite the odd color, which makes it exceedingly obvious that you're consuming something entirely artificial, the cupcakes are delicious, from the tepid yellow icing to the billowy meringue at the center. moreover, retro is in...everywhere i go i see vintage clothing, retro furniture, et cetera, so eating the cupcake made me feel kind of hip, like eating a jade leopard.

since classic country was the preferred music at the ez way, i'm including this video of the possum, george jones, playing "the race is on" on the porter wagner show. my favorite tune from the possum is probably "just one more," (i'll admit i'm a sad...uh, man) but I couldn't find a video of it, so you get something more upbeat. if anyone knows where I can get a snazzy jacket like the one porter wagner is wearing whilst introducing the possum, let me know.
have a nice day!

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