21 January 2008

King at the Boot Capital of Virginia

Harmon's Museum, Woodlawn, VA

I took this shot a few months ago at Harmon's, a western store and museum between Galax and Hillsville, VA. It's an interesting place. The museum is in a back room-- to get to it you have to walk through stacks of Wrangler cowboy jeans and Carhartt jackets and such. The main attraction is a stuffed two-headed calf in a glass case. For the most part, the rest of the museum is dedicated to the Civil War and the mining wars of West Virginia.

...I've struggled for the last few minutes thinking of what I'd like to say about some of the tensions in this photo and its context in the museum, but I can't get my thoughts clear, so I'll let the photo say whatever it may say, which is probably better.

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