02 December 2007

Let us wallow, let us play, this is our god's day

East Bend, North Carolina

Looking for Work
--Raymond Carver

I've always wanted brook trout
for breakfast.

Suddenly, I find a new path
to the waterfall.

I begin to hurry.
Wake up,

my wife says,
you're dreaming.

But when I try to rise,
the house tilts.

Who's dreaming?
It's noon, she says.

My new shoes wait by the door.
They are gleaming.

Palace Music (Will Oldham), Old Jerusalem

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite carver poems; i am just working on a post about it now...

great site--love the image of the orange wall and floor and shadow!

and the one that illustrates the poem is cool too of course, always love images with words