02 November 2007

maybe that's just the price you pay for the chains you refuse

--more pics from Brown's Farm park in Blacksburg. Since I live within minutes of the park and enjoy going there, I'm thinking of making it a long term project--documenting the diverse environment of the park and the people (and their dogs) who use it. It's an interesting place, with a pond, a couple of large fields, woods, and several delapidated farm buildings. It's close to town, but offers visitors a taste of the wild and an escape from routine and the workday world. I like the idea of showing the dynamic life of the park--the associations between people, animals, and the land--through portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

--Richard Thompson's "Beeswing," a nice song lyrically and supposedly the most requested song on NPR


Anonymous said...

ahh its too bad no one in class liked the beeswing song. He is very talented on the guitar though. -Zac

Karen said...

I can definitely believe that Beeswing is, if not the most, a frequently requested song on NPR. I close my eyes and listen to it and the scent of sun-warmed seats in my dad's old car comes to mind. The song reminds me of dozing in the backseat of long car trips when I was little.

This is a great set of photos. Could I convince you to switch them around so that the image of the red leaves with the sun shining through and the shadows of leaves on rust are next to each other? I'd like to see that combination quite a bit.