16 October 2007

Thought of you as my mountaintop, thought of you as my peak, thought of you as everything I had but couldn't keep

The photos above are of places I pass by at least once every couple of weeks. I was interested in the truck stop mainly because of the sign and the texture/color of the tin roof. The blue-jay motel is a few miles down the highway from the truck stop. It's one of the motels, along with the Holiday Motor Inn and the Beijing Motel (see previous posts), that I keep planning to stay in for a weekend. I'm not overly happy with the shot of the horse sign, but the sign itself appeals to me. The same is true of the last shot. I took it as I was on my way home from work one day. The light was magical, so I felt like I needed to get out of my truck and take a photo, but the photo doesn't really capture the magic--a wider angle lens would have helped.

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