09 September 2007

Live as if someone is always watching you; eventually, you will find that both of you will need to come to some compromise.

Since I haven't posted in weeks and I'll most likely be too busy to post tomorrow, I've decided to post twice today. The above shots are from a recent walk I took around Pulaski. I'm currently enrolled in a photo class, and I'm using a Holga for the class, but I decided to take my digital (for color) and the Holga on this most recent outing to Pulaski. Earlier today, I posted some shots from the Hillsville Labor Day Gun Show and Flea-Market. Keep scrolling down and check them out. Since this is my first post in a while, I feel like a song is in order. Here are some Bill Callahan lyrics for your enjoyment.

I Want to Tell You About a Man

I want to tell you about a man
You won't find him on your MTV
He doesn't drop acid
He doesn't even read Dick K. Phillips
He's not a seminal member of New York's new wave scene
He doesn't publish a phantazine
His name is Jesus Christ
His name is Jesus Christ
Don't make me say it twice
His name is Jesus Christ

--Also, a couple more Pulaski pics that didn't flow with the ones above. Keep scrolling down for the labor day stuff.


Karen said...

The photo of the horse painting is fabulous. While the subject matters are different, the photo and the painting both have a similar feeling to them and it reflects back and forth between them, like two mirrors facing one another. I love it.

Anonymous said...

i really wish i lived in a bright yellow house as featured in one of your pictures at the bottom. Even on the worst day you go outside to go to Work/School and you say "Wow iam having a horrible day,but man is my house extremly Yellow." I know this comment isnt in MLA format at all, but hope you get over your sickness soon. Iam getting over a bug myself. - Zac