03 August 2007

west of Rome, just east of the border in a staticky Ramada-Inn, polishing his boots and pummeling his liver, steeped in dark oscillations

For today's post, you get more New River Valley Fair goodness. I think the shots I posted yesterday are much better than today's, but I suppose these have something to recommend them, even if they aren't quite "cracking it wide open."

Josh, who went with me to shoot the fair, makes an appearance in the 3rd shot and the next to last. I kept trying to get a nice shot of him taking a photo, but the 3rd shot is the closest I got to something good. Even though he's a bit too dark in the other shot, I kind of dig it. When I look at it, I think of a Silver Jew's line--"in Embry's last photograph he disappeared over the hill"--or of Socrates descending into the Piraeus.


Josh Harrod said...

I'm glad to see that you did get a decent shot of some men in uniform, even if not the Army recruiters.

The dragon-ride is very nice, too. I especially like the odd symmetry of the two mothers--red tank top in the front and black tank top in the back. None of my Dragon shots turned out well, to my great disappointment.

The slant in #4 is very fitting; it definitely gets the feel of the skewed alternate dimension that is/was the New River fair.

The idea of the Piraeus image is really nice, especially thinking of the river as a threshold or boundary, crossing from one shore to the next...all sorts of possibilities there given the experience of that evening.

Anonymous said...

I will have to say that I really enjoy the 4th photo down you have posted. There is something about the lights that just catches my eye.