10 August 2007

If I had a home, you know it'd be in a slide trombone...

Here are some shots I took while putzing around Richmond today. Around noon, I drove into town with the intention of going to Belle Island and Brown's Island. I initially got turned around and ended up in the Manchester Arts disctrict, which wasn't a bad place to end up. Since my car has no air-conditioning and I was sweating bullets (it was around 100 in Richmond today), I decided to stop at ArtWorks and PlantZero, two mixed studio/gallery spaces. I didn't find most of the work very impressive, but the idea of having so much art happening at once was exciting/inspiring. I also took the photo of the Airstream camper in front of ArtWorks.

After I consulted a map and slithered back into the 91 VW Golf oven, I went back across the James and tried to find my way to Belle Isle. I probably lost about 10 pds. in water weight while driving around sweating, but I finally found the bridge to Belle Isle and spent most of the afternoon on the island. For those of you who may not know, during the Civil War the island was used as a prison. Over 10,000 Union soldiers were held on the island without any barracks to sleep in and with very little food to eat. Hundreds of soldiers died on the island. Some tried to escape by swimming across the James; most of them drowned, but a few made it. In any case, while I was on the island watching folks sunbathe and drink beer, I kept thinking of all those soldiers piled on the island, baking in the heat during the summer and freezing in the winter.

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Karen said...

You're right, the turn of the wheel really does add something to the one photo. Your Richmond photos a really great. I hope you'll post a few more before you move on to something else.