11 June 2007

Slipping and sliding all along the waterfall with you, my brown eyed girl

My niece (Kiera) and daughter (Alissa)

My Son (Dylan)

I took my kids down to North Carolina to visit my mom, sister, and niece this weekend, and we all went to Stone Mt. State Park to play in the water at Widow's Falls. There's a slick rock below the main falls that provides an exciting slide into the pool below. The kids were having a lot of fun sliding until Alissa and Kiera hit their chins trying to walk up the rock, and then a few minutes later Dylan and I were bowled over by a kid zooming by on a trashbag.

The first photo is after the swim at my mom's house. Alissa had a butterfly bandage over the cut on her chin, but she was still happy to be playing with her cousin. The second shot is right after we got to the creek; the water was very cold, and Alissa looks like she's freezing; by the 4th shot she had warmed up. In the 5th shot, Alissa and Kiera are both striking a pose, and the final shot is of my son, Dylan eating a sub--I also managed to sneek in my ex-wife's (hello, Amanda)leg.

I would have taken some shots of Dylan at the creek, but I was busy trying to watch the kids to make sure they didn't get hurt, and I didn't take any photos after the trashbag kid collided into me and Dylan. I had to use the flash on the shots at my mom's house, and for some reason it darkened the bottom right corner.

Addendum to June 6th post: For anyone who follows this blog and has an interest, I just added an excellent review of Will Oldham's Arise, Therefore to the initial post. I didn't write it; Phil Avetxori did. But it does a great job of articulating much of what I find fascinating about Oldham's music.

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Karen said...

You're kids are really, really cute. It's great that you took them to Widow's Falls. When I was younger, my mother would take my sisters and me to Lynn Run in Pennsylvania whenever we visited her parents there. They're memories all of us treasure; I hope your kids remember playing in the water with you too.