23 April 2007

my heart's running 'round like a chicken with its head cut off, all around the barnyard falling in and out of love

With moving out of my apartment and wrapping up the semester at RU, the last couple of weeks have been really busy, and I haven't been shooting much. I went hiking to the Cascades (a sixty foot waterfall outside of Blacksburg, VA) yesterday, but I'm not very good at taking photos of nature. Although I love hiking and being outdoors, I can't do anything with it photographically. It's hard to avoid either: a) a calendar shot or b) something that just looks generally like shit. I did take a few photos, though, and I may post some tomorrow; I haven't looked at them on the computer yet. Just to have something to post, I've went back through my signs folder and selected a few. I like the juxtoposition of the "Look Inside" sign and the absurd chicken head.


Karen said...

If you get your post modern epic poem about cock fighting published (and, as your life's work, it would be a shame if it wasn't published), I hope the photo of the chicken's head is incorporated as an illustration. As far as taking shitty pictures, I think that you're setting your standards too high. I thoroughly enjoy taking shitty pictures. It's fun.

Karen said...

Also, I forgot to ask, did you look inside? And, more importantly, what was inside?