10 March 2007

always use the old sense of the word

The wierd elk head is in downtown Pulaski, VA. I'm oddly fascinated by it. I'm not sure what caused the color distortion when I took the shot from below. The bike with training wheels (in black and white) is a somewhat silly nod to William Eggleston's tricycle shot (top). Eggleston is one of my favorite photographers. Along with Stephen Shore and a few others, he helped make color photography acceptable in the "art" world. Prior to that, most well known photographers shot exclusively in black and white. In 76 (I think), Eggleston had the first ever one man show of color photography at the Museum of Modern Art. The tricycle shot was one of the images included in that show. I like the perspective--seen from the level of a small child or an animal--and the kind of David Lynch-esque menace suggested by the lack of people. Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant, and many other auteurs are heavily influenced by Eggeston's style.

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