08 March 2007

first post

i'm new to blogging. It seems relatively simple, but i'm not entirely sure of what I'm doing. In any case, I'd just like a space to post some of my photos and ideas related to photography, poetry, music, and (ocassionally) politics.

This is a shot I took at Jim's Diner near Dublin, Virginia using a Lumix FZ7 digital camera. The man in the foreground of the shot was a wonderful storyteller, and he was holding the floor as I snapped the shot. If you're ever in Dublin, you should check out Jim's Diner. Good food, even better stories.


Anonymous said...

great pic, mark. i am very impressed by your eye.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing, you may have really found your calling.

Anonymous said...

Mark,I saw a couple that I had not seen before. As I have seen several of your photo's. I like the doors. Also the elk head.
Hope to see more.

Josh Harrod said...

I'm having a time figuring out where to post this comment--hope this is the right place! I didn't realize the blue theme either, but it sure is going on in your shots. Laundry Pride, again, is really amazing. I'm not going to get around to creating my blog today, I'm afraid. Time, that old hag, has gotten the best of me again. Looking forward to seeing more from our trip--Josh