22 March 2007

baby let's go to Mexico, where the children dance and the flowers grow

When my last class let out at 4:45 yesterday, I decided to drive to Pulaski and try to take advantage of the last couple hours of sunlight. I've shot at Pulaski pretty often, so I didn't really expect to get anything new. I went into the All Country Bar, though, and got the shot of the love seat, which I like. I also continued my love affair with the elk head. I've tried every position I can think of with that head, but it always seems to have something new and exciting in store for me.

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Amber said...

I imagine falling asleep on that loveseat, my limbs dangling over the arm rests. I imagine waking up to the evening sun filling the room with light and then fading, to be replaced with artificial yellow light. I imagine drifting off once more and waking to just the Christmas lights on, the dark room accenting the delicious feeling of dozy confusion as my waking dreams lead me barefoot along the riverside.

There's something about your black and white photos that strikes me as overdone; I think it's just the genre though and not the photos themselves. I really like how you play with color in your color photographs though. I know you worry about your technique, but I hope that you find comfort in the fact that you seem to have an eye for the interesting.